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PARIS, June 1 (Xinhua) -- The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on Wednesday called on world leaders to better coordinate and take further fiscal moves to avoid ""a low-growth trap.""

""Growth is flat in advanced economies and has slowed in many of the emerging economies that have been the global locomotive since the crisis. Slower productivity growth and rising inequality pose further challenges,"" said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria.

""Comprehensive policy action is urgently needed to ensure that we get off this disappointing growth path and propel our economies to levels that will safeguard living standards for all,"" he added.

In its economic outlook, the Paris-based international organization confirmed its forecast of 2016 global growth at 3 percent, the same economic performance of 2015, the slowest pace in the past five years.

Growth of the 34-country OECD area is set to grow by 1.8 percent in 2016 and by 2.1 percent next year, according to the report.

Among the major advanced economies, the OECD expected a moderate recovery in the United States with a 1.8-percent rise in 2016 and 2.2 percent in 2017.

As to the euro area, the OECD projected the single-currency block to ""improve slowly"" with the 2016 GDP growth set to stand at 1.6 percent, up by 0.2 percent from a previous estimate.

With rebalancing continuing in China, growth is expected to slow to 6.5 percent in 2016 and 6.2 percent in 2017 next year.

However, the OECD saw many emerging market economies continue to lose momentum with a persistent deep recession mainly in Brazil where economic activities will contract by 4.3 percent in 2016 and by 1.7 percent in 2017.

Noting the waning global economy and rising income inequality in many countries, the OECD recommended ""more ambitious structural reforms"" with major focus on services sector in order to bolster short-term demand and to reach a long-term improvement of labor markets.

""If we don't take action to boost productivity and potential growth, both younger and older generations will be worse off,"" said OECD chief economist Catherine L Mann.

""The longer the global economy remains in this low-growth trap, the harder it will be for governments to meet fundamental promises. The consequences of policy inaction will be low career prospects for today's youth and lower retirement income for future pensioners,"" she added.

During its annual ministerial meeting and forum, the OECD also warned that an eventual Brexit ""would trigger negative economic effects on the UK, other European countries and the rest of the world"".

By 2030, post-Brexit UK GDP could be over 5 percent lower than if the country remained in the European Union, it estimated.


Tennessee Health Insurance Changes Follow Health Care Reform

As of September 1 Curtis Jones Liverpool Shirt , 2011, health care reform requires Tennessee health insurance companies that plan to increase individual and small group insurance premiums by more that 10 percent to submit a request. If the rate increase is deemed to be unreasonable Nathaniel Phillips Liverpool Shirt , the insurance company will need to publicly justify it. Federal authorities hope that this will improve health insurance accountability and lead to significantly lower costs for individuals, families and small business owners who buy coverage through the individual marketplace.

This May Rhian Brewster Liverpool Shirt , Governor Haslam signed a bill into a law that expands the TN Department of Insurance’s scope of review and gave the Department an approval authority regarding proposed rate increases on individual and small group policies. Currently, the department is working on regulations regarding its new approval authority.

As of July 1 Alisson Becker Liverpool Shirt , 2011, all individual and small group Tennessee insurance rates needed to be filed in advance for this approval from the commissioner. The department is exploring how to incorporate the Tennessee’s All Payer Claims Database in order to enhance the rate review process.

Tennessee Health Insurance Has Not Yet Met All Of The Affordable Care Act Provisions

The state is one of four granted a temporary one-year waiver to slowly transition from policies available prior to health care reform to those that meet new national standards for increased coverage. The waiver was deemed necessary to prevent some Tennesseans from losing their existing coverage Sadio Mane Liverpool Shirt , even if it was below national standards.

Certain fast food restaurant chains implied they would end insuring workers completely if required to offer more substantial health coverage for Tennessee. These companies, along with Tennessee health insurance companies Fabinho Liverpool Shirt , are still required to meet federal standards after the waivers expire.

While marginal health coverage is better than none at all, some of the policies available in Tennessee have been criticized as leaving policyholders exposed to major medical costs that could ultimately force bankruptcy. One of the most critical elements of any insurance policy is the maximum out-of-pocket annual limit. That’s a fancy way of saying the total amount of medical costs that you could be responsible for paying in a single year.

Since policies contain co-payments Pedro Chirivella Liverpool Shirt , co-insurance and sometimes multiply deductibles, confirm what you’d end up spending in a worst-case scenario. Why don’t Tennessee insurers just say what they will pay and what you’ll have to pay? Perhaps someday the pressure to increase transparency will make that possible. For now Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool Shirt , there are online resources that can help you decipher what insurance terms mean in terms of how much you’ll actually be paying for health care with a particular policy.

If you are looking for private health insurance quotes, then there are a number of things you will need to consider:

1. Unlike health insurance plans that are sponsored by an employer Lazar Markovic Liverpool Shirt , you are. Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys Wholesale MLB Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Retro Soccer Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China
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