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xrumerguide - 2011-05-18, 04:28
Temat postu: XRumer & Hrefer Tutorial
Hey apocalypse.feen.pl, here's a XRumer & Hrefer Tutorial

If your key phrase is "buy oranges', your matter line may very well be
an item like Purchase oranges Web based or anything like that. We use the
variation product to make the text various for every post. The level of
performing this is that when Google analyzes your backlinks, they won't
look to be all the exact same.
If Google sees all your backlinks and all your topics
lines are precisely the identical, you won't get as substantially price considering that
Google will imagine ?The similar man or woman is posting these links?. On the
other hand, if the back links are varied and the subject is different,
Google will award you higher price to your backlinks.

Let's do a simple illustration applying the variation procedure:
(Purchase|Pay for|Acquire) oranges (Via the internet|In the present day|For Low cost)
indicates to Xrumer to prefer an individual of the terms in between ( and )
randomly, employing | as a separator. If you use the above illustration in
Xrumer's message window and hit Check, the end result would possibly be:
Get hold of oranges For Low-cost
Buy oranges Online
or any other permutation.
Xrumer gives you the mathematical price of how quite a bit text is
workable. The a great deal more varations you use, the larger this range ? which
is a superior thing!
In this instance, you can see the essentials of the variation method. Now we
need to have to utilize this to our hyperlinks. The method I use is simple and easy. Take
your 3 best search terms, place them in an anchor.
This could suggest formatting to Bbcode if you are posting to community forums, so
here it is in Bbcode:
(url=domaindotcom)(oranges|Low-priced oranges|Ripe oranges)(/url)

I hope this will help.

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AlerSHOODOneD - 2011-05-18, 16:43
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